The surrounding area is growing. So does the purchasing power in Kista.

Jasmine Jarne, Leasing Manager Citycon

Why should you establish your store or business in Kista Galleria?

  • We started as the center of shopping in the area 45 years ago and a lot has happened since. Kista Galleria has always maintained an energetic buzz and we can see it even more now after the pandemic. We are reevaluating our offer and have the possibility to cluster and improve the accessibility for our visitors and tenants, which will enable for new establishments to find the right space in the shopping center for their business.
  • Kista is an important area of Stockholm and we will se a lot happen around the shopping center. The tram e.g. will turn Kista into an evermore important junction. More residents are being built in the surrounding area which will generate more purchasing power and a bigger need from the inhabitants in the neighborhood. As part of the project Kista Limitless we are expecting around 8000 new residents and 8000 new job opportunities whiten the next few years and we at Citycon want to establish 300 new apartments on top of, and around, the shopping center.


What makes Kista Galleria unique compared to other shopping centers?

Traveling to Kista Galleria is easy, we have a bus station, the subway and a short walk from the commuter trains which makes easy to travel here both on weekdays and weekends. There are approximately 35 000 people who work in the area, many people who come to Sweden for IT-professions will be stationed here in Kista. IT is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Kista, but it is also a big center of research, which attracts workers and students from around the world.

The food court is the beating heart of the shopping center. Our food court celebrated 20 years and is comprised of a mix of well-established food chains and local businesses that you can only find here. The food court is, in my opinion, the best one in Sweden with its many choices, look-and-feel and vibe. It will be filled with diners from opening to close, every day of the week. Last fall we had a relaunch of the food court following a project we had together with the business owners where we, together, made improvements to the interior. Today the food court has a warmer vibe than earlier and hit record number of visitors. The food court is a meeting point for both workers in the area but also for families where everyone can choose their favorite meal.

In our shopping center you will find what you need for everyday life, with a broad offer from both established chains and local businesses, specializing in a carefully selected range of goods from the middle east that you can’t find anywhere else. We have one of the most visited libraries in Stockholm, two gyms, cinema, go-cart, Carhub (vehicle-service including inspection, car wash and garage) to name a few of our unique traders in whiten leisure and service.


Can you tell us of any upcoming, exciting news?

  • Lager 157 will be opening a 2000m2 store in the former Afound premises. A store which we believe will satisfy our current visitors, and also attract new customer groups to Kista.
  • We are now focusing on creating a cluster of sustainability. First out is Matmissionen taking over Systembolagets previous premises in the north part of the galleria. (Systembolaget have moved to the south part of the galleria opposite to ICA Kvantum).
  • During the spring we have done a facelift of Kistagången where we have created a warmer and brighter feeling in the aisle. We have also refreshed our staircases to our office tenants where you as guest can visit child care center, care center, Jobbtorget and more.
  • We invest more and more in service and next place opening is Vaccindirekt at the entrance to Kista Torg. They will open up in the middle of July.

We have of course more exciting projects going on that we will tell more about later on.