The innovations of Kista

Karin Bengtsson, CEO Kista Science City

Tell us more about the innovative power of Kista and Kista Science City. Do ideas just grow extra well here?

“Kista is built on the belief of working together and that growth happens faster in a collective ecosystem rather than an individual one. The district has a tradition of collaboration between academia, the business sector and the surrounding community. It’s a part of Kista’s history, but that collaboration will become even more important moving forward. In order to be able to solve these large societal challenges facing us, we need to work together within an ecosystem where each actor contributes their unique knowledge and expertise. Thanks to the fact that all the necessary actors are already located in Kista, we already have the opportunity to create collaboration between students and small and big businesses – collaboration that truly lays the groundwork for societal development.”

What driving forces and examples of the future of smart technology are there here?

“Technology and new technology platforms are the foundation for so much of the development happening in Kista. 5G, and even 6G now, is one driving force and a great example of an innovation platform that opens the door for new collaboration between industries and actors. There is also a lot of exciting development within Kista’s energy sector.
Additionally, the talent we have here is a huge driving force, which includes everything from the students at KTH and Stockholm University to the upper secondary and vocational schools that are also a part of Campus Kista.”

Do you have any Kista memory that you find particularly special? Something that had an especially strong impact on you?

“The start of the term for all of the students is always very special and getting to welcome everyone to Kista! There is such a wonderful sense of optimism and potential, and it’s especially great that we attract so many international students and so much talent to Kista.”