Kista’s urban transformation will be Citycon’s largest investment yet.

Kista has always been one of Stockholm’s most popular meeting spots. It’s where colleagues, friends and families gather to share experiences, everyday moments and good company. It’s where multiculturalism meets innovation. And that just so happens to be our vision for the future, too.

SEK 20 billion

Planned to be invested into properties, public spaces and projects to develop all of Järva.

10,000 sqm

Of green roofs on top of Kista Galleria, which will be Europe’s largest rewilding project.

65,000 sqm

Renovated and extended areas next to Kista Galleria

2021 Renovation of Kistagången

Over the last two years, we have invested SEK 100 million into renovating and modernising the shopping centre, as part of the larger development journey that is still ongoing.

Järvafältet enters Kista Galleria

Kista Galleria is home to northern Stockholm's largest primary care cluster.
To make the place more welcoming, we have given the cluster's entrances a greener touch. The stairwells and lifts have therefore been decorated with photographs from the nearby Järvafältet. Here, visitors can scan QR codes and get inspiration and knowledge about the rich wildlife that exists in the local area. A collaboration carried out together with the City of Stockholm and the photographer Johan Pontén.

2022 The starting point for Kista mall

Kista Galleria is home to Sweden's first and largest foodcourt, M.E.E.T. Friends, colleagues and families gather here for socializing from morning to evening and every day our restaurants serve 6,000 meals. Now the foodcourt has got a warmer feeling with new interiors and new seating areas that enhance the restaurant feeling. A lift that made M.E.E.T. to a more pleasant place to hang out.

A modern mall

Kista Galleria will get new and improved clusters based on its categories and offers.

As part of this, Systembolaget has opened a new and more modern store. Deichmann opened in new premises as well, with its latest concept.

2023 The renovation of Modeboulevarden

The mall's cluster for fashion and beauty is being renovated to become an inspiring place for visitors. Warm, bright and welcoming with room for both inspiration and recovery.

(Vision film: Franz Design)

A greener Kista

During 2022 we have grown a small sample of a greenery on top of our roof. In 2023 we plan to take the next step in the project by adding Järvafältet's local plants and flowers.

A new green landmark

As a part of making Kista Galleria to a greener place, we will build and install giant letters that, when put together, spell, “Kista”. A landmark that will be visible to everyone coming to Kista on the metro.

(Vision image: BSK Arkitekter)

2026 New neighborhood Kista Torg

In a new block by Kista Torg, we want to build a high school with a food and service profile in 2.5 floors with housing on the roof. We like to see that the school is glazed with cafes and entrances on the ground floor that activate the street space at 270 degrees.

In total, we are creating about 300 new apartments in the city center in our two new neighborhoods with nice common courtyards in the roof landscape. The apartments at Kista Torg will be adjusted for families who want to rent modern apartments close to the city center.

(Vision image: CAMPUS Arkitekter, vision film: Wec360)

New buildings towards
Kista busstorg/Brandesgången

At the northern end of Kista Galleria, we want to create another cluster for health and care with up to three floors with homes on top, both condominiums and rental apartments. Through new premises for health and care, we make room for more tenants and strengthen the position as the largest in primary care in northern Greater Stockholm.

With a population increase in the neighborhood of up to 40% by 2030, more caregivers will be required to prevent health problems in various ways.

(Vision image: BSK Arkitekter)

2028 Phase 1 of Move-in

Zoning plan, housing and offices.

(Vision image: BSK Arkitekter)

2030 The reconstruction is finished

The reconstruction of Kista is finished.

(Vision image: Wec360)

Urban development in Kista Galleria and the surrounding area

Right now, SEK 20 billion is planned to be invested in developing the whole of Järva with real estate, public environments and projects. An investment that takes place according to a joint action plan between the city, the private businesses and the universities in the area.

Kista busstorg

With over 56 000 travelers on a daily basis and twenty different bus lines, we propose several measures and investments to create a safer and more welcoming arrival hall to Kista Centrum, Kista Galleria, the offices, academies and the global ICT-cluster.

Together with the City of Stockholm and other partners, we will create a sustainable bus center and a greener, bright and welcoming environment.

(Vision image: BSK Arkitekter, vision film: Wec360)

The tram – station Jan Stenbecks Torg

Kista is one of Stockholm's most important development areas. As the area grows with workplaces and housing, an expansion of the tram to Kista is planned. The expansion will extend from Norra Ulvsunda in Bromma to Kista and then connect to Helenelund in Sollentuna. Expected to be completed in 2025.

(Vision image: Treeline)

Södra Torget

For Södra Torget we propose a vibrant square where sports, leisure, recreation and fun activities are the focus.

(Vision image: BSK Arkitekter, vision film: Wec360)

Overhead view of Kista Galleria in 2030

Between now and 2030, Kista Galleria and its surroundings will be transformed with new modern buildings, green roofs, livelier and more attractive plazas and a unique landmark to represent Kista.

This investment to the tune of over SEK 1 billion into urban development will help create a safer and more enjoyable Kista for the future.

(Picture: BSK Arkitekter)