Gems in Kista

Lars Ingendoh, Senior Project Manager Construction Citycon

What is your role in the project?

“I am a project manager on the Kista development project.”


What makes this specific project unique?

“The green roofs, which are an important environmental aspect of the entire project. Better climate, easing stormwater management and hopefully better retention of rain water during dry periods. The roofs also improve Kista’s overall environment for everyone living and working here. Suddenly they’re going to get something organic and green, as opposed to a grey roof. And the most important aspect of all this in my opinion is the habitat we’ll create on the roofs for insects, such as bumblebees and other bees, which the future so strongly depends on.”


What will be your favourite spot in this Kista of the future?

“Obviously the roof. A beautiful, comfortable place that will be quiet, sunny and full of greenery. Another amazing aspect of this project is what we’ve done with Kistagången inside the shopping centre. The seating areas, lighting and materials we’ve designed and chosen that create entirely new environments. I also really like the nature pictures we’ve added in the shopping centre’s lifts and stairwells.”