Local Entrepreneurship and Networking

Deqa Abukar, founder of the business network, Bling, and the coworking and showroom concept, Bridge, in Kista Galleria.

“All kinds of people visit this shopping centre. That’s what makes this the perfect environment for a meeting place like Bridge, whose purpose is to make the world of entrepreneurship more accessible and relatable. This is a place where tomorrow’s entrepreneurs can find and meet new role models, develop and show off their products and, perhaps most importantly, be inspired by each other.”

“One memory that stands out in particular is of two girls around the age of eleven who came in and shyly asked about what this place was. When they came back the next day, they brought bags full of fabric, beads and stickers. After that, they started coming here after school in the afternoon to make bracelets and work on creating the perfect bracelet. They weren’t any hoops to jump through or any barriers – they just sat down and got to it. That is the exact message we want to share at Bridge: that entrepreneurship is about creativity and just sitting down and creating.”